Information Resources This page is always work in progress; it’s our place to experiment and demonstrate stuff. It will contain links to a variety of useful info, articles, downloads, suggestions, and occasionally we may include some experimental stuff. We hope it’ll be interesting and useful. Somehow we just had to include this pic of Lucy Ricardo selling “Vitameatavegamin” ... and we promise to provide more accurate info than she did ... and perhaps some of it might even be entertaining! Click Lucy for a bigger image! We’ve also got a demo site ... ... check it out! And we’re also conversant in Google’s advertising programs. Whether you’re a business wanting to place ads on relevant pages on other websites (AdWords), or want to have ads placed on your site (AdSense), we can help you understand these capabilities, and to get started using the web to create a revenue stream, or enhance one that’s already in place. See examples at left and below:
The Internet Home of Kenneth J Anderson & Associates AVICEDA.COM Be careful where you get your information!
aviceda is the scientific name of a south pacific bird of prey ... we chose it just because we liked it
Make Money Online! Interested in tapping the potential of Google’s advertising capabilities? Here’s an example of their AdSense program, which can produce revenue for you by showing ads on your site. The flip side of the coin is AdWords, the program which lets you create the ads and have them automatically placed on relevant sites. Want to know more? Contact us!
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